DIT Kit and Workflows

DIT Kit and DIT software should be customised for each job, why hire more kit or software than you need?


Why Coach House Studios?

With 8 years in DIT kit hire and 25 Years in the film and tv industry, we have seen the latest tech and workflow trends come and go, in fact we’ve often been first to try them.
Experienced Digital Imaging Technicians and Data Wranglers are now integral to a safe production and are very much here to stay for your benefit. They go on the production journey with you, so when you combine their talents with a bit of our clever engineering and support, they can help sew the seeds of your Director and DoPs creative vision the moment the camera rolls. Fix it in post is not in a DITs vocabulary!

We have DIT Vehicles as well as a raft of DIT kit hire options from custom built carts to flyaway carry cases, we have covered shoots from 1 to 36 cameras all over the world. We tune our kit and software for speed and safety, and have invested heavily in fast storage and server level computing to keep up with the data heavy raw formats, and keep your Dailies daily.

Are you a DIT?

We are always on the lookout for DITs to work with. We aren’t just another DIT company, we do things a little differently here and we think you will like it. We don’t take commission on the work you do, in fact we pay you commission for any work you bring to us or kit you hire from us. Our only goal is to supply you with kit and support to let you focus on the needs of the production. We would like to invite you to come and meet the Coach House Studios team at a time that suits you!

Our Work

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