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Project Description

Our Contribution

The Only Fools and Horses Heroes and Villains, AKA ‘Batman and Robin’ Christmas special was voted the Best Christmas show of all time by viewers. Coach House Studios was awash with laughter whilst the editing took place and a smile is drawn across the face of anyone who passes the photo we have of the crime fighting duo in our hallway.


Del has applied for a council grant but been turned down. After giving Rodney a bracelet for his birthday inscribed ‘Rooney’, Del drives Rodney to a fancy dress party where they are dressed as Batman and Robin. However the Reliant Robin breaks down and, as the brothers are running through the fog in costume, they scare off a gang of muggers about to rob a female councillor. At the party they are the only guests in costume because the birthday boy has actually died and the party is now a wake. But there is good news next day when Del catches one of the muggers as he is about to rob an old lady and knocks him unconscious. He gets a medal AND his council grant as a reward for helping the female councillor. Good news for Rodney too as Cassandra announces that she is pregnant.

Written by don @ minifie-1