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Project Description

Our Contribution

The Stone Roses reunion was documented by Shane Meadows and Warp Films  on many formats ranging from Handy Cams to 5K Red Epic. When the climactic end to the reunion, a three day gig at Heaton Park in Manchester was planned, the director and Warp Films  wanted to capture every intimate detail. When Coach House got the call to provide the kit less than a week before, we custom engineered a system that could backup the resultant 70+TBs of media from 30 + Cameras used with 100% mirrored hardware redundancy. With additional LTO tape backup warp films digital negative was in safe hands. Following the gig, we were employed to supply the edit suites for Shane Meadows and Warp Films to carve out their vision.


Shane Meadows documents the reunion of iconic British band, The Stone Roses.


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